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Fusion, Soul & Jazz-Inspired Standards & Originals


   **Upcoming Schedule**


  • Finnegans Pub-7/20/2023-7-10 pm

  •            1701 Lovering Ave. Wilm DE

  • Blue Crab Grill-8/13/2023-2-4 pm

  •            322 Suburban Dr. Newark DE

  • Makers Alley-8/26/2023-6-9 pm

  •            801 N. Orange St Wilm. DE

  • Limestone BBQ-11/4/2023-7-9 pm

  •             2062 Limestone Rd. Wilm. DE

  • Blue Crab Grill-11/19/2023-2-4 pm

    •     322 Suburban Dr. Newark DE​

  • Limestone BBQ-11/24/2023-7-9 pm

  •               2062 Limestone Rd. Wilm. DE

  • Blue Crab Grill-1/14/2024-2-4 pm

  •               322 Suburban Dr. Newark DE


Although minimalistic by design, Pearl Street delivers a huge sound. Rick's guitar rhythms and soulful leads blend seamlessly with Debbie's keyboard accompaniments and counterpoints. When Debbie switches to flute, her haunting leads add another dimension to compositions already rich with texture and depth. Adding Steve's polyrhythmic percussion techniques into the mix is the musical equivalent to putting a whipped cream icing on a multi-layered, multi-tiered cake. Jon adds his full and rich tenor sax tones to fill out the sound.  


In conclusion, Pearl Street is a definite "must-see" group. If you are in the mood for a mix of soulful sounds and lively, toe-tapping music, it will be worth your time and effort to see this group in action. You will not be disappointed.


M. W. Saranetz

Former Musical Director

Borderline Conspiracy

Online Demo

" Pearl street is truly a gem; a beautifully crafted and realized creation that just absolutely thrills me (and continues to after multiple listenings) - your invention, skill, and execution are astounding.  bravo, bravo!  and thank you - it is a precious gift that i treasure and love…. "


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